The Intellect

November 8, 2008

From OneUmmah.net:

It has been related that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said:

created the intellect from a stored-up light which was hidden within
His fore-knowledge, and neither emissary, prophet nor high-ranking
angel has seen it. Then He made knowledge its ‘self’, understanding its
spirit, abstension (zuhd) its head, modesty (haya’) its eyes, wisdom its tongue, compassion (ra`fah) its purpose, and mercy its heart.

Then he filled and strengthened it with ten things: certainty, faith, truthfulness, tranquility (sakinah), sincerity, kindness (rifq) generosity (`atiyyah), contentment (qunu`), submission (taslim), and patience.

Thereupon He spoke to it saying, “Go back,” and it went back; “Come
forward,” and it came forward; then, “Speak!” and it replied, “Praise
belongs to Allah, Who has neither enemy nor rival, to Whom there is no
likeness, no comparison, and no equal, before Whose might everything is
submissive and humbled.”

Then the Lord said, “By My power and
splendor, never have I created anything finer than you, nor anything
more submissive to Me than you, and nothing more noble than you; by you
My unity is affirmed, by you I am worshiped, by you I am called upon in
prayer; hope is placed in Me through you; I am desired through you; by
you I am feared, by you is the reward, and by you the punishment.”

Mishkat al-Anwar


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