Day Two

October 19, 2008

Day two (Saturday): We returned to the convention center a little after 1PM to catch the end of a session, which was a tribute to the late Imam W. D. Mohammed (may Allah have mercy on him).  It was very touching and enlightening to hear the wonderful stories people had to share about him.

We participated in several other sessions, two of which were about the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him and his family peace), a topic that never grows old and always softens the heart.  Imam Mohamed Magid, in particular, had beautiful stories to tell of the Prophet that nearly brought the crowd to tears at times and laughter at others.

My wife and I had a nice quiet dinner in the corner of the convention center while the wealthier Muslims among us dined with Congressman Andre Carson and other dignitaries.  At $40 per person for tickets to the banquet, we opted for some $6.99 Chinese food.

They ran severely over their time limit, and those of us who were not in the banquet went ahead and prayed Salatul-Isha without them.  Finally, after waiting at least another hour, the entertainment began.  It started with a Muslim comedian whose name escapes me and whose comedy was not particularly memorable.  That was followed by a nasheed band called the Travelers who seemed a tad inexperienced but nevertheless very soothing and reflective.

After four songs the main attraction, the premiere of Allah Made Me Funny began.  It was spectacular, side-aching humor that left us with a much better impression of the convention than we had the first day. If I can scrounge up some time, I’ll post a full review of the movie.  For now let’s just say that I highly recommend it.

Overall, the convention is still not what it should be.  The price of attendance is steep, $40 per person (or $60 for husband and wife), and the organization, which is supposed to represent the entire body of Muslims in Indiana, is still heavily populated with people from the subcontinent.  It was rare treat to see a african american face in the crowd, even on Saturday.  Despite that, it was a noble effort, and the jewels of prophetic wisdom that we collected from the people of knowledge during those few sessions made the trip not only worth it, but priceless.


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