Day One

October 18, 2008

I must be honest.  The first day of the convention was pretty disappointing.  Imam Zaid Shakir did lead the Jumu`ah prayer, and that was worth attending.  But it was not worth the price of admission, since that part was undoubtedly free.

The rest was disorganized, rescheduled, and pretty much boring.  The bazaar was bare and pathetic, and the people were mostly of one ethnicity, which certainly does not represent the body of Muslims that we have in this state.  There were truly only a handful of people there.

The part that could have been the best, the film festival, was late getting started (actually, for all I know, it never started).  My wife and I were tired and decided to just leave.  The only thing that could redeem this convention is the showing of “Allah Made Me Funny” today.  Let’s just pray they don’t find a way to screw that up too, insha’Allah.


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