Real Winners

October 13, 2008

Have you ever played to win?  When you were a kid, did you ever buy a cereal box, a soda bottle, or a piece of candy with the hopes of winning a lifetime supply of something (anything), a trip to a theme park, or spend a day with a superstar kid singer or actor?

I’m sure the majority of people would answer yes, but what I’ve also found is that everyone says, “Oh, I never win those things.”  So, my question is, does anyone really win?  If you’ve ever won anything, any of those contests that say “no purchase necessary” as if they’re daring you to not buy the product and see if you can actually still win just by mailing in your entry, then please post a comment here telling us about your experience.

I want to meet some real winners, real people who have actually opened a bottle cap and seen something other than “We’re sorry.  Please try again.”


One comment

  1. hahaha Masha’Allah,. the only thing I’ve ever won was the bottle caps under the spirte!! (mmmm sprite ** drolls**)And i’ve only ever won a 16ounce sprite which always made my day!!!! yay!!!!!!! ( o, and in order to find out, u had to purchase it, ha)

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