Haves and Have Nots

October 5, 2008

I know I said I was going to write something this weekend, and it’s not that I don’t have anything to say.  It’s more like I have too much to say.  There are so many thoughts swirling around in my head.

Let’s just talk a little about this “financial crisis.”  It is truly amazing that the powers that be have the audacity to spend our money (and it is our money anytime it comes from the government) to bail out organizations that have been swindling us for every penny we own anyway.

The average American is suffering and will continue to suffer, because instead of bailing us out, they’re going to reward the snakes for their venomous bites.  I know all too well what it feels like to not be able to pay the bills, especially hospital bills.  We have been struggling for the past two years, and just one false slip could leave us out on the street like so many others who have lost their homes.

Why are Americans so stupid to allow this to continue?  How can anyone still support these corrupt tyrants?  I’ve lost all respect for the politicians and the people who elected them, and I have no sympathy for whatever happens to them as a result of this mess.  I’m tired of not knowing whether or not I’ll be able to afford to drive to work just so I can pay for more gas to continue driving to work.  Meanwhile, we can’t even afford health care or child care.

And I’m not on minimum wage.  I have what used to be considered a reasonable salary with “benefits”, but it seems not to be enough.

In the end, Allah is enough for me, and I know He will remove us from this condition. Nevertheless, it is sad to see a country I love go down the tube because of a greedy few.

Those greedy few, possibly about 400 people, have more money than the rest of Americans combined.  The world would be better of if the earth just swallowed those 400 people and their pet Zionist Regime along with them.  Yes, I’m an angry black man.  Do something about it if you don’t like it!

In times like these, the world could truly benefit from the wisdom of Islamic economics, ethics, and social values, but unfortunately, too many Muslims are part of the problem.  Leaders in predominantly Muslim countries are just as corrupted, and Muslim-owned businesses tend to deal in the same sinister financial practices.  Meanwhile, there are enough wealthy Muslims to support the weak and poor, but we do not see this either. Instead we see a glittering mosque to the north of the city and storefront mosques in the inner-cities.  There is little cooperation, even less compassion, and absolutely no shame.

The Holy Prophet [may Allah bless him and grant him peace] said: “There will come a time
for people that: they will not respect their scholars except for their
good clothing; they will not hearken to the Qur’an except for the
pleasant voice; and they will not worship Allah except for during the
fasting month; there will be no shyness in their women, no patience in
their poor ones; and no prosperity for their rich ones, they will not
be contented with a small (portion), and they will not be satiated with
abundance. They will strive (only) for their stomach; their religion is
their money (wealth); their women are their Qiblah (direction of
worship); and their homes are their mosques; they run away from their
scholars just as lambs run away from wolves.

Then, when they become like that, the Lord will afflict them with
three conditions. At first, He takes the prosperity from their
properties. The second is that a cruel ruler will dominate them. The
third is that they will pass away from this world without having (true)

Waqayi’-ul-‘Ayyam, p. 439

We ask Allah to remove the suffering and oppression of those who have suffered and are oppressed.  We ask Allah to uplift the downtrodden and destitute, to heal the wounds of the weak inflicted by the tyrants, and to return justice to the earth.  We ask Allah to remove from the earth the enemies of justice and equality wherever they are, whoever they are, and however He pleases.  We ask Allah to hasten the reappearance of the one who will fill the earth with justice and equality after it had been filled with injustice and tyranny, the champion of the oppressed, the proof of Allah on earth, the beloved of our hearts, Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi.

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