Sheikh Jehad Ismail

September 21, 2008

I had intended to spend the second half of Ramadan listening to the lectures of Hasanain Rajabali, but the website that is publishing his lectures is, once again, using a lousy proprietary windows media streaming server that makes it difficult for Linux and Mac users.

Granted, I could labor it at it and possibly get it to stream through the mplayer plugin, but then I’d be tied to my browser.  The benefit of at least having an mp3 download is that I can drop it into my nokia n800 and go or at least stop it and come back to the place where I left off earlier.

At any rate, I turned to youtube in my search for another lecturer and found one who has not left me disappointed at all.  In fact, he’s been quite a pleasant surprise.  His name is Sheikh Jehad Ismail.  He has his own website called The Awaited One Foundation.  It is certainly worth a visit.  This brother, who is quite laid back and even amusing at times, even has a Facebook account and will answer your questions directly on Facebook.



  1. Asalaamu Alaikum,

    Thank you for you nice words about our work and that of Sh. Jehad Ismail.

    Just to clarify your post Sh. Jehad does not run this organization nor does he have any links to us. His lectures were recorded by us as we do with other lecturers.

    Feel free to contact us at our website for more information.

    Walaikum Asalaam

  2. Try googling “ammar nakshawni”. You’ll like him.


  3. Thank you. I do like him and have listened to many of his lectures.


  4. Salam Aleikum,
    Sheikh Jehad is very good lecturer. I also have listened to many of his lectures.

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