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Jesus was black, Ronald Regan was the Devil, and…

February 27, 2008

…the government lied to you about 9/11.

In other news of corruption:

  • Papa John’s stole money from me.  We ordered pizzas with Sprite.  They failed to deliver the Sprite and then refused to refund us.  Sure, it might only be $2 from us, but add up how many others they’ve probably ripped off and it becomes massive fraud.  Don’t buy their pizza.  It sucks anyway.
  • My sister-in-law was arrested and charged for a crime she didn’t even know about, much less commit.  The cops are pigs, but you already knew that.
  • The EU is fining Microsoft $1.45 billion.  Yeah I know it sounds like a lot, but Microsoft makes $1.5 billion in profits each month.  It’s like fining a lemonade stand $0.25.
  • Exxon’s case is being heard by the supreme court, yes the one bought and paid for by the Bush family.  Exxon has proved that oil is thicker than water, and so is cold hard cash, with annual profits at $36 billion.
  • Black History Month isn’t quite so short this year.  After all, we get an extra day.

Issue Update

February 24, 2008

It has been a while since I’ve updated the status of my issues (children).  So, here it is in a nutshell:








Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

February 20, 2008

We’re in the beginning stage of a total lunar eclipse tonight.  Quite a site!

Salat al-ayat is an obligation during such events.  Please be sure to perform it during the appropriate time.

Total eclipse begins at 10:01 PM EST in the US.


Real Democracy

February 11, 2008

“There can be no perfect democracy curtailed by color, race, or poverty.  But with all we accomplish all, even peace.”

— W.E.B. DuBois