Christian parents, Muslim babies

December 4, 2007

I’ve always wondered about the intentions of Christians who mail-order children from places like Afghanistan.  Instead of these children being raised in a Muslim environment, they are brought up in Christian (and often white/European) households completely isolated from the language, religion, and culture.

I’ve heard of Korean children growing up in such an environment and then making the choice to go back to their home country to find out who they really are.  But that is not even why I am questioning the real motivation behind such programs that are financed by large Christian missionary organizations.

Why are they choosing Muslim children?  Do they think that they are somehow “saving” them not only from poverty and orphanhood but also from the pyres of Hell?  Is it not only a humanitarian mission but also a crusade?  After all, there are plenty of countries where Christian children need to be adopted (America included).  Why don’t we hear about more Christian families adopting Palestinian Christian babies?  Oh yeah, maybe it’s because most of the organizations support the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  It’s not politically convenient to support Arab Christians.

God knows best what the true intentions of these people are.  Maybe they are just naive political tools or maybe not.  What I do know is that Muslims need to adopt more frequently.  The Prophet did it, the Qur’an highly recommends it, and it seems close to being an obligation for those who can afford to do it.


One comment

  1. Salaam,

    My husband and I are considering adoption but are unclear on how the Islamic rulings apply to a US-context.

    I think perhaps a lot of Muslims are under the impression that Islamic fostering and American adoption are incompatible. Clarifying this misconception will go a long way toward encouraging people to adopt.



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