Top Ten Books I'd Take to a Desert Island

November 24, 2007

Warning:  Umm Yasmin induced this:

1.  Survivor’s Guide to Desert Islands  (if that doesn’t exist, someone should write it).
2. The Qur’an
3. Nahjul-Balagha
4. Any book about Mulla Nasruddin (I’ll need humor and some spirituality rolled into one).
5. Survivor’s Guide to Escaping Desert Islands (yes, definitely)
6. Mathnawi (Maulana Rumi will comfort me on my lonely nights)
7. Essentials of Islamic Metaphysics (since I’ll have time, I can finally try to figure out this book).
8. A book with blank pages (so I can write my own)
9. A Thousand and One Nights (I love the stories, and it just sounds appropriate)
10. Survivor’s Guide to Accepting that You Will Not Be Rescued, including the 3-step easy guide to learning any island language so you can marry the native girl stranded on the island with you.



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  2. Hehehe brilliant – all those Survivior Guides.

  3. I think I would need a survival guide for making the most out of survival guides or something like that! 😀

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