Path of Light

August 16, 2007

This is my first ever attempt at writing a ghazal, which I discovered is no simple task in English. If you happen to be an expert on ghazals and feel I’ve butchered the form, please tell me, as that was not my intent. I’m merely exploring different avenues of self-expression.

Path of Light
by Adib

Illumination blends into the dark ocean within a clear bright path
piercing senseless void with flowing energy rays of the light path

Within the spectrum of the real divine, truth’s indeed the brightest hue
the prism of the knowledge captures the journey of yearning flight path

All paths lead to light, but many lights are only daughter stars of suns
stars that form are the light energy waves crashing into plight’s path

Each particle cleanses the collective residue of nothingness
a particle of real divine mist that guides the heart on the right path

Those who open up their eyes are blinded, but only then do they perceive
What sort of journey is it one can travel with one’s eyes closed on the night’s path?

Adib, for what cheap price would you barter your most magnificent pure light?
Ask yourself for what reason your weary eyes have stayed closed to Light’s path?

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