Ethics in Islam

August 6, 2007

I’ve suddenly developed an insatiable desire to study ethics (akhlaq) more deeply. I’ve often flirted with the idea, reading works such as Jami’a al-Sa’adat, but I haven’t taken it to the next level.

Much of what Muslims face today in their personal lives, family lives, and even political lives, center around a lack of understanding and application of ethics in relation to those areas of existence. We often turn to western ideas or even to our rationale to try to deal with them, failing to realize that Islam, if studied properly, can guide us even on the most difficult of paths.

If we can come to understand ourselves better, on a deeper level, we can enhance our virtues while also subduing whatever illnesses of the heart we posses. Not all solutions are in one particular act (whether praying, fasting, etc), but those solutions do exist with the right prescription. That requires an honest amount of introspection and also self-determination to be willing to solve one’s own issues or seek proper counsel.


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