Man's true nature

July 6, 2007

The master of traditions, Muhammad ibn Ya’qub al-Kulayni (may Allah make his grave fragrant) reported that Zurarah said:

“I asked Abu `Abd Allah (al-‘Imam al Sadiq) (peace be upon him) regarding the words of God, `God’s creation (fitrah) upon which He originated mankind‘ (Qur’an 30:30).

The Imam(peace be upon him) answered: `He originated mankind upon tawhid (unity, singularity, oneness of being).”‘

–Al-Kulayni, al-Kafi 2, 12, hadith No.2.

In his commentary, Imam Khumayni, may Allah sanctify him, explains:

“Let it be known that among God-given instincts one is the belief in the existence of the Sacred and Sublime Source of everything; the second is the belief in It’s Unity, i.e. tawhid; the third is the innate belief that that Sacred Being encompasses all perfection; the fourth is the instinctive belief in the Day of Resurrection; and the fifth is the innate faith in nubuwwah (prophethood); the sixth is the instinctive belief in the existence of angels, of holy spirits, in the revelation of scriptures and the path of Divine guidance. Some of the above-mentioned are laws of nature and some others are their necessary corollaries. The faith in God, the belief in angels, the belief in the revelation of Scriptures, in God-sent Apostles, in the Day of Resurrection, and in the Din-which is firm, stable and straight-is a truth which underlines the entire life of the human species…”

— Khumayni, Ruhullah al-Musawi, An exposition of 40 ahadith narrated through the Prophet and his Ahl al-bayt.


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