Mercenaries in Iraq (revisited)

June 11, 2007

About a month or so ago, I reported on the growing number of mercenaries fighting the “war” in Iraq, particularly via the coporation called Blackwater. There are a few details that I left out.

We should not think that only American corporations are involved. Not to be outdone by the US, Canadian and British mercenaries are also raking in the cash. According to some reports, there are now more mercenaries fighting in Iraq than actual troops.

With that revelation, I feel compelled to clarify that just because the corporations call places like the U.S. home, doesn’t mean that their mercenaries are even citizens. Many of the mercenaries are from places like Columbia or even Chile where former commandos loyal to ruthless dictator Augusto Pinochet have signed on to assist in the Iraqi genocide.

This seems to be the intent of the current U.S. administration. It is not an accident that these corporations are now fighting wars, but rather the dream of a corporate-run state, envisioned by Vice President Dick Cheney long before he took office.

Just to give an idea of how these hired killers operate, take notice of the following story:

In April 2004, mercenaries working for a private militia named Blackwater were guarding US occupation headquarters in Najaf when a protest by Shia Iraqi civilians began to stir outside. According to the Washington Post and eyewitnesses, Blackwater opened fire on the protesters, unleashing so many rounds so rapidly they had to pause every 15 minutes to allow their gun barrels to cool down…

You can click the link for the rest of the gritty details of the story. I cannot even bring myself to quote them here. God save us.

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