Beautiful Islamic Art

May 10, 2007

If you would like to purchase some amazingly beautiful Islamic art (including calligraphy), I can think of no better artist than Kelly Izdihar Crosby. Check out her web site, and spread the word. We should support all Muslim businesses, especially the good ones.

You will find that her art carries the tradition of Islamic calligraphy and abstract, while also fusing modern elements, undoubtedly from her own experiences growing up in the southern U.S.

We need to see more of this in the West from Muslims. Instead of completely mimicking other cultures, we must start to formulate our own identity through both cultural appropriation of the good aspects of our society and the natural influence of our Islamic character.

So anyway, mad props to Sister Izdihar.


  1. […] and many thanks to Brother Tavis for the plug on his blog.  […]

  2. Jazak Allah khairn, brother! 🙂

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