Separate but equal?

April 4, 2007

As we entered the building, my wife and daughters were suddenly ripped from my arms and dragged away into a small room. I was shoved forward into a large room of men. After an hour of shouting, the loud speakers reverberating in my head, I was returned to the entrance where my family awaited me.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I have no idea,” my wife replied.

“You didn’t hear the shouting?” I inquired.

“I heard nothing, only muffled mumbling.”

We left the masjid that day, dumbfounded.

OK, this situation is a little overdramatized, but the point is that the way women are treated in the masjid is preposterous. Call me progressive if you want to, but I see no reason or textual justification for separating women into another room. I’m not saying we should all pray on the same row together, but can’t we at least be in the same room?

But if they absolutely must be placed in another room (due to lack of space), can’t we at least get decent working sound systems? They’re too loud in the brotherss area and not working at all half of the time in the sisters’ area.

Let’s get it together, people.


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