Media Spin-Doctors

February 25, 2007

How the western news media manipulates truth:

1. The Palestinians, Hizbullah, and Iran refuse to “recognize Israel.”

FALSE. It makes you wonder then, who they mean every time they say the word “Israel. This is just a gimmick, a way to keep Muslims looking like the extremist, intolerant ones, when, in reality, it is the Israeli oppressors who refuse to recognize Palestine. The State of Israel has existed for over 50 years. We’re still waiting on that State of Palestine. All they’ve offered us is a State of Confusion.

2. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Israel should be “wiped off the map.”

FALSE. Actually, he said that Israel will “fade from the pages of history.” The first mistranslation sounds as though he intends to do it himself, whereas the second more accurately describes a natural process as Israel continues its path of self destruction.

3. Iran announced that it has created a “cure for AIDS.”

Partially true. What they have actually developed is an herbal remedy, called IMOD, that serves the same (or similar) function as retroviral drugs without all of the harmful side effects. If it is in fact as groundbreaking as they claim, it will help millions of people around the world deal with AIDS. It does not, despite the distortions of western media, kill the virus.

4. Iran has violated the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty), and that is why they are facing U.N. sanctions.

FALSE. According to the terms of the NPT, all nations, including non-nuclear nations, have the right to seek nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Under the watchful eye of the IAEA, Iran has done this. There is no evidence that they are manufacturing nuclear weapons, only that they might have the capability to do so in the future. This is actually a matter of the world not trusting Iran. Why? Has Iran attack another nation? No. Has Iran threatened to attack another nation? No. Has Iran shown any aggression towards anyone over the past 25 years? No. But they are Muslims and an “Islamic Republic.” Therefore, they are guilty.

5. Iran is sponsoring terrorism all over the world.

FALSE. Mr. Bush is famous for repeating this one. He’s never mentioned anything specific because he has no proof. Iran does provide some support for Hizbullah, but it is a legitimate Lebanese political organization. They hold seats in the Parliament and participate in civil society in their country. The most they have done is attack Israel in defense of their country. If that is terrorism, then the Americans who fought in the Revolutionary War were also terrorists. By leaving his accusation open, Mr. Bush hopes that people will infer that Iran is sponsoring al-Qa’eda, just as he more-than-implied about Iraq prior to that unprovoked war.


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