Saddam is Dead and so is the real atrocity

December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein shaking hands with Donald RumsfeldSaddam Hussein is dead. The man once called the “Butcher of Baghdad” and the “Modern-day Yazid” has been executed by way of hanging in Iraq.

Without going into the morality of the execution (as under Islamic Law, he probably would have been executed), it is interesting that trial and execution were considered illegal by most of the international community.

That in itself should not be cause for alarm since the entire war and occupation has been illegal. What is more intriguing is the question, “Why?” Why wasn’t Saddam, a head of state, transferred to the Hague to stand for war crimes? Were they afraid justice would not be served? I doubt it. Why did the Iraqi courts only charge him with one atrocity (the killing of 168 Shias) and not anything else?

The answer is as sinister and deceptive as the premises for the war. The United States profited little in the court of public opinion by holding the trial in Iraq. They knew this from the beginning, but they also knew that, if all of Saddam’s crimes came to light in the International Criminal Court, his accomplices would also be fingered. His number-one accomplice, of course, is the good old U.S. of A.

We will never have the chance to hear testimonies from any of the countless Iranians who suffered and lost love-ones as a result of chemical weapons used in the Iran-Iraq war, weapons of mass destruction funded by the United States. We will never hear about any atrocities directed towards the enemies of the US because they aided and abetted Saddam in committing them. If today Saddam was guilty of war crimes, then so is Rumsfeld and Cheney, so was Reagan, and so are both father and son Bush.

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