Khomeini's poison pill?

October 3, 2006

Picture of Ayatullah KhomeiniKaveh L Afrasiabi has written an enlightening article on AsiaTimes about the letter recently published by former Iranian President Rafsanjani. The letter highlights Ayatullah Khomeini’s decision to accept the UN-negotiated cease-fire with Iraq, effectively ending the Iran-Iraq war, despite Khomeini viewing it as a “poison pill.” He did it, his letter argues, for the future of the Islamic Repbulic, as it was in the best interests of the country.

Rafsanjani seems to be sending a message to current President Ahmadinejad that, were Imam Khomeini alive today, he would cease uranium enrichment and try to find some compromise with the world community.

Although I agree with Dr. Afrasiabi in principle, I think he is really begging the question.

After all, it was not Saddam Hussein’s unwillingness to rid his country of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that precipitated his own political demise, but rather false information. That is important to note. After all, Iran having a peaceful nuclear program would not be enough for the US to invade (which is their actual goal, whether or not Dr. Afrasiabi admits it).

If they do build a strong enough case against Iran to invade, it will most likely be established on hearsay and out-right lies. Instead of Colin Powell delivering a 70-page packet of conjecture to the UN, it will be Condi, but the outcome will be the same. Even if Iran ceases uranium enrichment, the US will claim that they are still doing it secretly and are even closer to making a bomb than we previously thought. The rest will be media hype, but it will be enough to sway the gullible goofs in Congress to give Bush full authority to attack, and the American people will watch in horror as America enters a third war, even while in the process of losing the other two.

So the real question is, which pill will Iran swallow? The dignity pill or the humiliation pill? Either way there will be war. At least with the first pill, they can fight it with some remaining sense of self-respect.


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