Israel's Message to the World :: The World's response

July 20, 2006

1. No one matters except us.
2. Lebanese “civilians” deserve to die, and we have no problem killing them.
3. Fighting back against us is terrorism and questioning our actions is antisemitism.
4. The Holocaust hurt us, so we’ve decided to make everyone know what it feels like.

And then reality sets in:

1. Israel is the real biggest terrorist organization on the planet.
2. They planned this attack on Lebanon, months [edit, new information] years in advance.
3. Their lobby is controlling US policy to the extent where civilians, even American civilians, can die in Lebanon, and the US will do nothing. Both Republicans and Democrats are united in their support for Israel.
4. The rest of the world is filled with cowards (from the European Union to most Arab countries) who are afraid to try to stop Israel.
5. Israel targets civilians and always has. They’ve done it in Palestine and Lebanon. They are guilty of the worst war crimes of the century (outside of the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq).
6. Israel will ultimately fail. Allah has promised this. “The believers will be victorious.” That is not a threat. That is a promise.


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