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Words to live by

July 30, 2006

Famous old picture of palestinian boy taking on Israeli tank

“It is necessary that all freedom-loving peoples of the world unite with the Muslims and together condemn the inhuman aggressions of Israel.”

— Ayatullah Ruhullah Musavi Khomeini



July 28, 2006

Air conditionerNo, not the Kevin Costner movie, my library. Every summer, one of the air conditioners (nope, no central air) kicks it and throws up all over the carpet. This year, it was the worst ever. Half of the library was literally soaked. Most of the carpet is dry now, and the awful smell has subsided, but some important issues have still been left unresolved.

We are repeatedly having floods of air conditioners in classrooms as well; the difference being that they do not have carpet. I would imagine that they have to spend more money and man-power constantly fixing the air conditioners than if they just replaced them (or got central air).

Now they want to put in new carpet, which I would love, but that means more work for me. And more work for what? For brand new carpet to get ruined all over again? Count me among the skeptics. At any rate, it has become a daily morning ritual for me (in between turning on workstations and booting up the circulation desk) to empty my dehumidifier buckets. Sad isn’t it? Donations accepted.


The Value of School Libraries

July 26, 2006

I picked up this quote on LM_Net

What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it thinks about education.

–Harold Howe, former U.S. Commissioner of Education


Congratulations Mr. Bush

July 22, 2006

Nasrallah Yassin Sadr

You finally united Iraq against Israel.


Israel's Message to the World :: The World's response

July 20, 2006

1. No one matters except us.
2. Lebanese “civilians” deserve to die, and we have no problem killing them.
3. Fighting back against us is terrorism and questioning our actions is antisemitism.
4. The Holocaust hurt us, so we’ve decided to make everyone know what it feels like.

And then reality sets in:

1. Israel is the real biggest terrorist organization on the planet.
2. They planned this attack on Lebanon, months [edit, new information] years in advance.
3. Their lobby is controlling US policy to the extent where civilians, even American civilians, can die in Lebanon, and the US will do nothing. Both Republicans and Democrats are united in their support for Israel.
4. The rest of the world is filled with cowards (from the European Union to most Arab countries) who are afraid to try to stop Israel.
5. Israel targets civilians and always has. They’ve done it in Palestine and Lebanon. They are guilty of the worst war crimes of the century (outside of the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq).
6. Israel will ultimately fail. Allah has promised this. “The believers will be victorious.” That is not a threat. That is a promise.


Dubya Dubya Three?

July 15, 2006

From IndyMedia:

“President Bush has committed US forces to aid Israel in any conflict, even if Israel initiates hostilities…

“In his work, “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu observed that all wars are based on deception.”

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Book Recommendation

July 13, 2006

I intended to mention this some time ago, but somehow it slipped my mind. A really cool Librarian friend of mine wrote this book called Aurora Borealis. You can read a description and reviews of it by clicking on the aforementioned link.

I read it in one day (couldn’t put it down), and trust me, that’s a compliment coming from someone who probably only reads four or five fiction books a year.

Anyway, *waves his Jedi hand in the air* You WILL buy it.