The Golden Scrolls

March 20, 2006

I have the web site for my forthcoming novel online, alhamdulillah. It will mainly serve as an information site, but you will also be able to purchase the books from there. I will probably not post any significant excerpts until the book is finished. There are way too many characters, places, and events for me to know exactly what will make it into the final manuscript. After editing is done, or at least after I know what parts I will definitely keep, I will try to post some relevant excerpts. As of now, only Umm Zahra has read any of it.

It is a fantasy/adventure book, but I’m hoping it will cross all genres, inshaAllah, attracting the interests of all types of people. My goal is to have the manuscript complete by June, editing finished by October, and publishing sometime after that. Lantern Torch will be doing all of the editing and publishing, but I might hire some others to assist along the way. Final printing will be done by Lulu, inshaAllah, but I do reserve the right to print other editions.

Writing is fun, and the deeper I get into the world, the more I start to feel as though I’m a part of it, that we all are, and I hope that all of you readers out there will want to become a part of it as well (in other words, I hope it doesn’t suck).


One comment

  1. Alhamdulillah, trust me it doesn’t suck! It is very good I am so proud that you’ve gotten so far along in it.. Farther along than I’ve gotten in my own novel… But I’m getting there Insha’Allah.

    You all will love it Insha’Allah.

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