The Pregnancy Dialogs

March 15, 2006

I’ve decided to keep track of some of the interesting conversation from Umm Zahra’s pregnancy, as it progresses. This just happened.

Umm Zahra: “I’ll go to the meat store to get some meat, and then what are you going to make with it?”

Me: “By the time you get back from the store, I probably won’t feel like making anything.”

Umm Zahra: “OK, well, just make something here.”

Me: “OK.”

Umm Zahra: “What are you going to make?”

Me: “I don’t know. Something with tuna.”

Umm Zahra (eyes widening): “Hey, will you make curry tuna?”

Me: “Yeah, sure.”

Umm Zahra: “Really?”

Me: Yeah.

Umm Zahra (in tears, hugging me): “Thank you!”

Me: “Uh, you’re welcome.”



  1. LOL, I was really wanting some meat… and I remembered how good my husband makes Curry Tuna…. and I got really Happy!!??…

  2. What about the previous post? I think that’s an important note as well.

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