Midnight Oil

February 26, 2006

It is 2AM, but I thought I would try to get some writing done. My intention is to have my book finished by the end of this summer and then have it in the stores by next year, inshaAllah. Yes, Lantern Torch also does editing and publishing. 🙂 We are quite a multi-faceted organization.

I have at least two more books that I would like to write after that (in the near future).

I feel that I owe some explanation about Bayt-al-Hikmah. The premise for it began when I was working at an Islamic school in Chicago. In essence, it is a non-profit library, mainly geared towards Islam, but also holding a collection of books from other revealed religions (Judaism, Christianity, etc). The goal is to make it public so that anyone can check out the books, just as they would in a public library, with library cards. I have figured out a way to get the initial funding. The only issue that remains is how to keep it funded. I would prefer not to rely on donations, as most religious organizations do.

After I get one successful Bayt al-Hikmah (House of Wisdom) going, I’d like to send the plans and structure to Muslims all over the world so that they can also start similar ventures, inshaAllah. Who knows, maybe they’ll even make it happen before I do. I think it is something that is needed, and since I am a Librarian, I am hoping that I have something useful to contribute to the Ummah. Allah knows best!


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