Know Your Imam: Part 3

February 8, 2006

Here is another one from my friend, Alidost. Another lesson from the life of Imam Husayn (peace be upon him). This one is good, mashaAllah.

“Oh the followers of Abu Sufyan, if you do not believe in hereafter, at least live a life of the open-minded in this world.”

These were the words of Imam Hussain to the troops of Yazid, as they approached the tents to attack women & children.

Imam Hussain doubted that his enemies believed in hereafter

Imam Hussain did not give up giving advice to his enemies

This also voids the Wahhabi/Salafi propaganda that Shia Muslims killed Imam Hussain

This also voids the Western misinformation that Sunni Muslims killed Imam Hussain, or that somehow, this was a Shia-Sunni battle

Imam Hussain defined the enemy of Ahlul-Bayt: “Followers of Abu Sufyan”

Attacking civilians is considered the work of those who do not believe in hereafter, and those who are not open-minded

Imam Hussain did not just say! : “Do not attack the children!” Instead, he provided two options: believe in hereafter or live a noble life

Living a noble life automatically comes with believing in hereafter

Yazid’s troops proved to have no belief in hereafter and no open-mind

Imam Hussain did not accuse or slander his enemies, and gave them the benefit of doubt by starting his advice with the word “If…”

So many lessons in one phrase.
Imagine what an be learned from his entire life?


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