Sunni Sister Campaign

January 25, 2006

Bismihi Ta’ala,

On behalf of all upstanding Muslim men in the world, I categorically denounce any acts of harassment against Sunni Sister or ANY other sister (especially my wife). Apparently, some men were not born from women, do not marry women, and do not have female children. I, however, have all three, and would become extremely violent (yes, I’ll use the J word…JIHAD against Muslims…It can happen), if anyone messed with my peeps.

Since these particular people have chosen to remain anonymous, I just want to let them know, you can click but you can’t hide. If you visit a web site, post comments on it, or email someone, you have left a trace of yourself, and you can be found.

But this blog post is not about punishing the perpetrators; it is about my support for the victim. We are with you, Sunni Sister. I speak on behalf of all the men of OneUmmah.net, Muslim Writers Society, and MuslimMessage.net when I say that you are not alone. For every pig-headed man who attacks a woman, there is another man to whack the pigginess out of him. I believe the 2nd caliph, Umar, said that, for some people Islam comes easily, for others, they need the stick.

Sister, I’ll hold the stick. You just keep blogging.


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  1. Jazakh Allah Khair… thank you.

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