That's Just Wrong

January 23, 2006

I don’t normally post on this blog from work, but this just has to be said. I was all hyped because I bought some Maggi “chicken-flavored” 2-minute noodles from the halal food store. I usually get another brand of vegetarian noodles from the regular grocery store because their chicken ones are obviously not zabiha.

So, I figured this would probably be pretty good, right? Like some chicken-noodle soup, right? Just like mom used to make, right? Wrong! It was laced with secret indian spices! There was no flavor whatsoever…just spice. I felt so betrayed. That’s just wrong. Some things should NOT be spicy.



  1. awwwww

  2. You know what you do – use the normal Maggi noodles but throw away the sachet. From the supermarket you should be able to buy vegetarian chicken or stock powder. The brand here in Australia I use is Massel (http://www.onlyoz.com.au/images/masselsmall2.jpg) which tastes just like real stock but doesn’t contain any animal products.

    So you cook up your Maggi noodles like normal and instead of using their flavour sachet, just put in about a tablespoon full of stock and it tastes JUST like normal 2-minute noodles, without the spice. Yummmmmmm.

  3. Yeah,
    I agree. Sometimes too spice in food just takes away the goodness… like spicey mango juice. LOL

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