The stuff people are made of…

November 22, 2005

RIF is tomorrow. I just got the books, and I wanted to setup this afternoon. I had purchased cheap blue table cloths to cover the tables (you know to make it look nicer), but I forgot them at home. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to setup. I have the whole first period to do it, though.

Apparently, our students watched some type of autopsy presentation today. A girl told me that she held an eyeball. Not my idea of fun.

In other news, I am curious to know of there will be RPMs for KDE (http://www.kde.org) 3.5 for SuSE (http://www.suse.com) ppc. I have yet to see any. I know 10.1 is not near release, and I’d hate to have to upgrade the whole OS everytime I want to get the latest KDE (http://www.kde.org). Of course I could compile from source…ugh.


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