Getting back to work

October 25, 2005

We’re finally back from vacation. I have a lot of tasks to get accomplished over the next month.

1. I’m ready to get this student-blog (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog)ging thing underway. I have permission slips for students under 13, even though I’m not sure if that’s necessary (you can never be too careful).

2. RIF (http://www.rif.org/) is coming up in November (earlier than last year).

3. KDE (http://www.kde.org) 3.5 is now beta 2. I installed the SuSE (http://www.suse.com) rpm (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPM_Package_Manager)s and then turned off the computer. So, I have no idea if it even works. Also, SuSE (http://www.suse.com) 10 was released. I have it on the Averatec laptop. (Dude! Sweet!). It fixed one very important bug, but now I don’t remember what it is.

4. Exa will be released with this version, but I’m disappointed to learn that some of the drivers (mainly intel 810) will not be completely finished. I can understand that the ATI situation was probably more important, but I think there are a LOT of people with paltry intel graphics chips who would love to have some eye candy.

5. My huge book order (relatively speaking) is due in December, before we leave for break. The crunch now begins. I have to get a list together and show it to the selection committee (because they won’t help actually make the list, which is fine with me). I already have a good deal of fiction books in my bibliography, but suddenly my mind has gone blank on non-fiction. Everytime something came up, I would tell myself, “Man, I should be writing this down!” Oh well, I still have time to procrastinate (just kidding).

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