A Thankless Heimlich

October 10, 2005

Today, I spent two hours trying to get the garbage disposal to regurgitate some beads that my daughter had dropped into a bottle of juice. It was quite an experience that involved an allen wrench, the dishwasher, a tupperware container, and a plunger. I’ll just leave it at that. It finally spat up chunks, gurgled, and started swallowing water normally again. The blade appears to be fine (it chopped up the beads), but the throat was just clogged.

On another note, Zahra has started praying the entire salat with us. Before, she would just pray parts and mess with us the rest of the time. The other day, her grandmother put a scarf on her. Well, that immediately turned her into a woman I guess because she started praying with us. Now, anytime we have salat, she’ll get mad if we don’t get her a scarf and lay out a rug for her. MashaAllah! It’s hard to believe she’s not even two years old yet. I told my wife, if we find her in her room one night praying tahajjud, I’ll take it as a sign. 🙂


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