Iraqi women will be more oppressed?

August 14, 2005

iraqi womenApparently people in Boston don’t get out much, but that’s the topic of another discussion. The Boston Herald ran an article questioning whether the women of Iraq would be more oppressed if Iraq develop their constitution based on shari’ah.

“But during the past year, Shiites have applied mounting pressure to replace the civil code with Shariah, under which questions of education, work and marriage are decided by male guardians, said Coughlin.”

This makes one wonder if they actually did any study of Islamic Jurisprudence (a word they do not even use) according to Shi’i rulings, or if they just assumed from looking at governments such as the Taliban and the laughable attempt at implementing shari’ah in Nigeria.

According to “Islamic law” (their translation, not mine):

1. Women are guaranteed education, and shi’a scholars have ruled that a woman can go anywhere in the world in order to get her education (especially Islamic education — which is probably what really upsets our “experts” at the Boston Herald…”how dare they be educated in Islam instead of our secular curricula!”). In fact, education is obligatory upon every man and woman.

2. Women in Islam are allowed to work. Furthermore, working Muslim women are more free than working western women. A Muslim woman’s money is not obliged towards the bills and maintenance of the family. That is the man’s job. The woman’s money is her own. I do not hear anyone crying in defense of Muslim men. This proves that the western media only cries out for gender equality when it is convenient.

3. Muslim women cannot be married to anyone without their approval. This is something that the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) fought diligently to implement. During Jahiliyyah (pre-Islamic arabia), girls were “sold” off into marriage without their consent. Islam ended that, so I again wonder if these people bothered to do any type of research.

Regarding the women who are part of the Iraqi government, the article notes:

“The majority of women in the Assembly are just silent,” he said. “They really haven’t spoken up.”

Did they ever consider perhaps the women are in agreement with the proceedings?

What about another article that shows women are actually demanding the constitution be governed by shari’ah? It is again strangely convenient how the Boston Herald makes no mention of this large rally by Muslim women, which shows their independence and self-motivation. Why is it not mentioned? Because they are motivated by Allah and not by secularism?

It is quite sad that American mass media is constantly looking for cheap shots at Islam. Their goal is obviously to confuse the general public into disliking Islam. Their fear, however, cannot be avoided. The fear is that Americans will start embracing Islam, but that is already occurring, faster than anyone could have imagined. Despite what you have been told, this is a war against Islam, but Islam is winning, not with bombs, but with the hearts and minds of new Muslims.


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