August 6, 2005

I’ve installed Drivel on my desktop…still have BloGTK on my laptop. This is getting pretty cool. There are a couple of things that have been brought to my attention over the past week, from reading and from the Friday khutbah:

1. Our future depends upon Allah’s favor that He has granted to us (Islam), and not the other way around. It is not Allah who must conform to man’s vision but rather man who must conform to Allah.

2. Unity is certainly achievable, but Muslims must move beyond the obsession with uniformity. People are not ever going to be completely the same, even in their ideologies. If we are to bring peace to the world, it must be through acceptance rather than complete assimilation.

3. People who wish for “progressive Islam” do not understand Islam. They are attempting to reinvent the religion, seemingly unaware of the religion’s adaptive nature. They are forcing something that should come naturally. As a result, they reject anything traditional and accept anything perverse (such as homosexuality, etc.) Their claim is one of tolerance, yet they are not tolerant of us. They label us extremists and turn the media and non-Muslim populace against us.


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