Drug dealers earning minimum wage

August 1, 2005

This doesn't exactly relate to Open Source or Open Content, but it is
an important piece for all educators.  We have a lot of
misconceptions about the lives of drug dealers with all the bling
bling.   No doubt, popular culture (i.e. rap music) has a big
effect on that.  According to this article (http://www.palpitations.ca/article7/page1.html),

For risking your life and your future on the corner, you are
earning minimum wage…in the Canadian context, that ranges
from a low of $5.90 per hour in Alberta to a high of $8.00 per
hour in British Columbia, a wage level akin to the earning of
the cashier at your local McDonalds.

Make sure you read the whole article.

Just imagine it, Would you like fries with that crack?


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